Jamon and wine La Mi Venta

If you are going to stay some days in Madrid you can try a lot of very good food.

Tapas, Raciones and other Spanish food

Tapas and Raciones are small portions of food to be shared, so that you can try many different things. In many bars and restaurants they offer you a small tapa for free with your drink, and then you can order some raciones, that are basically the same thing but in bigger portions.

Things that are in almost every bar: Croquetts, Calamaris, Paella, Gazpacho, Ibericos (Iberiam ham, chorizo and cured sausages), Callos (stew made with the beef intestines and some other pig meet), Pimientos del Padron (green peppers, some of them spicy), Tortilla (potato omelette)…

Very Traditional bars and restaurants

La Mi Venta: Grilled meat and many tapas like iberian ham, salmorejo, calamaris, huevos rotos… More info here.

Casa Gonzalez: Good wines and a large variety of cheese and “Ibericos” (like ham and chorizo).

La Pulpería de Victoria: Small bar with food from Galicia (North-West coast of Spain). “Pulperia” means a place that serves octopus, but they have much more than that, specially a lot of sea food.

El Caldero: Their speciality are rices like Paella, Typical from the East coast of Spain.

Mercado de San Miguel: We wrote a post about San Miguel Market, is a very interesting place to visit, a food court that used to be a market. Problem is that it’s usually crowded and the prices are a little bit high. You can take some tapas here and then go to other bars nearby.

Rincon de la Cava: you can try very good Padron peppers, tortilla and many other tapas and raciones. The walls are the original bricks of this cave in Plaza Mayor.

Botin Restaurant: The oldest restaurant in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records, it dates from 1725 and they are specialised in suckling pig cook in the oven. Tasty and very rich, nice traditional decoration. You need to book in advance

La Bola: Centenary tavern very popular for its Cocido, typical dish from Madrid. Cocido is a stew with chickpeas, pig meat and vegetables. It’s very filling and very tasty. This is good in winter!

Trendy Restaurants

Ana la Santa: modern tapas with great ingredients, also paella, hamburgers, salads…

Gran Vía Gourmet Experience: Food court in a rooftop with great views, more info here.

Txirimiri: “Pintxos” are very elaborated snacks/tapas on top of bread, is typical from the Basque Country in the North of Spain. For a dinner you order a few of them per person and you can see them displayed in the bar, so it’s easier to know the ones that you would like. Only problem: is crowded.

Tartan Roof (in Circulo de Bellas Artes): We wrote a post about the amazing views from this place, the restaurant is very good but also expensive, so you can go there just for the views if you pay 4€

Murillo Cafe: Very varied international food, good presentation in the plates. Right next to the Prado Museum, where there are not many other places to eat.

Give yourself a treat: Trendy and Fancy restaurants in Madrid

Triciclo: Each plate is a peace of art.

StreetXo: Three Michelin Stars

Ten con Ten: The best after a day of shopping in Salamanca district

Terraza del Casino: Two Michelin Stars. One of the more elegant places in Madrid.

Map with those restaurants and some other good ones:


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