3 large roman mosaics at the museum
Dama de Elche Museo Arqueológico Nacional

The National Archaeological Museum of Spain has opened its doors after being closed for 2 and a half years. The museum had intense changes; now it has become a very attractive and modern museum with no doubt that it will interest many people.

There are more open and accessible spaces, projections and flashy models, clear and concise explanations.

This is the kind of museum that makes your time to pass by quickly… My advice: don’t try to visit everything in one visit, you can realize you are still passing by Iberians even after 2 hours of being in the museum.

There are more than 13000 objects exhibited in this museum that are significant for the historical evolution of Iberian Peninsula since prehistory till 19th century:

Prehistory: Various objects that have more than million years from Paleolithic to the Bronze Age. Interesting gravestones and eye idols (ídolos oculados)

Protohistory: Phoenicians, Tartessians, Iberians, Celts, Castro culture. Fascinating jewelry and sculptures of these cultures and nations are exhibited in this museum. It stands out among other objects like Tesoro de Aliseda (Treasure of Aliseda), Celtic ex-votos (votive offerings) and the Lady of Elche.

Roman mosaic in the Museo Arqueologico de Madrid

Roman Hispania: After the expulsion of Carthaginians, Romans had to be in a war for 2 years with interior villages. There are pieces from 1st century B.C. to 5th century A.D. in the museum. It shows the fantastic Latin inscriptions on bronze and mosaics.

Middle Ages: It involves from 5th to 15th centuries: Visigothic Kingdom of Toledo, the Andalusian world and Christian kingdoms. A must to see: the votive crowns of the Treasure of Guarrazar and Pyxis of Zamora.

Early modern period: Both Austrians and Bourbons have left their mark in our history and some objects of times before the 20th century are preserved in the museum. The collection of astrolabes is remarkable, just like craftsmanship of the Royal factories.

Tesoro Guarrazar Museo Arqueológico de Madrid

Useful information

  • Web del Museo Arqueológico Nacional
  • Public transport: Metro Serrano, Cercanías Recoletos
  • General fee: 3€
  • Free entrance on Saturday afternoons and Sunday mornings
  • Address: Calle Serrano 13


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