Chocolate con Churros

Churros with chocolate is a very typical Spanish breakfast. It is a treat for gourmands. A few Churros dipped in a cup of warm chocolate can satisfy the most gluttonous.

Usually people have hot chocolate with churros for breakfast,  because it is really filling, but for a snack in the afternoon it can be a good idea as well.

What is the recipe of churros?

The recipe is simple, just mix a bowl of flour with a bowl of water, add a little yeast, a little salt and sugar, make the shape and fry it in hot oil.

But people don’t usually bake it at home, it is a dish that you eat when you have breakfast at a bar, or at a ‘chocolateria’.

 Churros and Porras

The most famous places to eat churros in Madrid:

Chocolatería Valor

This chocolateria serves churros and also all kinds of chocolate. It is very near Gran Via street, so it is a perfect stop after doing some shopping.

Find Valor on Google Maps

Chocolateria San Gines

One of the oldest (and more popular) churrerias in Madrid is San Gines, opened in 1894 and it opens 24h/day. Its is very close to Plaza Mayor, Puerta del Sol and Arenal street, so it is a great stop during a walking tour.

Find San Gines on Google Maps

Front door of the San Gines churreria, "year 1894" sign in the door.


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