🛶 Boating in El Retiro: Let the kids be pirates!

El Retiro park is the most emblematic in Madrid, and in its big lake you can rent a rowboat. It costs 6€ and it’s open until sunset (but you must bring your own pirate costume 🏴‍☠️).

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retiro lake with boats

🚡 Madrid Cable-car

One way is only 11 minutes, but it takes you to one of the biggest parks in Europe, Casa de Campo, where you can spend all day walking a multitude of paths between the forests (a perfect place for a picnic!).

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cable car above the Casa de Campo pine trees

🎠 Parque Europa: A small theme park for little kids

Admission to the park is free but there are some attractions inside that has an entry fee, like paddling around a castle’s moor.

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lake with little boats for kids

🚂 Train Museum

What child does not like trains? Well, here they have all kinds and colors!

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kids playing on a train

👀 Moncloa Observation deck

Rising above the Madrid skyline in a glass elevator 92m high is quite an experience for the little ones, also from the observation floor they can see the Parque del Oeste (West Park), where they can take a nice walk afterwards.

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Girl taking photos at the observation deck

🦴 Archaeological Museum

After the complete renovation of the Archaeological Museum, it is now highly attractive to children and adults, with many interactive expositions.

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kids in front of a Museum panel

🚲 Madrid Rio with bikes

Playgrounds for children are found throughout the park, no two playgrounds are the same (there is even a boat themed park!), be warned that more than one parent will want to try out the zip line if you can find it! There are many companies that rent bikes and there is also a public service for bike rental.

people with bikes at the park

☕️ Chocolate con churros

After one long day of tourism or shopping in Madrid city center, it might be a good idea to reward the little ones (and bigger ones) with a stop for churros and hot chocolate. We recommend ‘Valor’ and ‘San Ginés’.

💂‍♂️ Change of the Guard

The Solemn Change of the Royal Guard takes place on the first Wednesday of each month, at 12:00 at the Royal Palace. You should arrive in advance, as it gets very crowded. Also twice a week there is a much smaller change of the guard, but fun to watch.

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Horses and soldiers during the Change of the Guard at the Royal Palace

🏰 Pedriza and its Castle (Guadarrama National Park)

If your kids like nature and you have time for a day trip, we recommend a small hike in the Guadarrama National Park.

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girl playing near the river

🚩 Private tours at your own pace

If you want to do some sightseeing in Madrid with a tour guide, but you want your kids to be engaged and interested, do not worry! Our private tours are family friendly!


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