The Europa Park is known for its replicas of European monuments, it has 18 recreations of Monuments, such as the Eiffel Tower, the Trevi Fountain, or the Brandenburg Gate that gives access to the park. But it is more than that, it is a perfect option if you are looking for plans with children in Madrid.

Upon arrival it may surprise us that admission is free, but once inside we discover why, a huge variety of paid attractions, mainly for children:

  • Boat dock, El Retiro style (€ 11 for 4 people)
  • Zip line (€ 4)
  • Boats for the little ones (3.5 €)
  • Tree games (between € 5 and € 19)
  • Trampolines (€ 3)
  • Laser Maze (€ 6)
  • Rent of bicycles, quadricycles or karts (between € 4 and € 11)
  • Mini golf (€ 4)
  • Archery (€ 6)
  • Etc

And if we leave all the energy in so much activity, you can also stop to eat, since the park has several restaurants with daily menus and children’s menus.

Lake, garden and monument recreations at the park

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen and the Tower of London

attraction for kids at the park

A small amusement park for children

lake and boats for kids

The Bethlehem Tower and boats for children

trampolines with kids

Trampolines for children for € 3

kids playing at swings and slides with rocket design

Free ‘space’ swings to rest your pocket.

tree tops

Tree tops adventures, and zip line!

Useful information to visit ‘Europa Park’:

  • Hours: It opens every day at 9am and closes in winter at 8pm but the rest of the year much later (Go to their website for more information)
  • Website with schedules, accesses, map, etc.
  • They do guided tours.
  • You can park in the surroundings paying the blue zone, sometimes queues form in the parking meters, which are not very intuitive.

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    This is a great idea!! Thanks.

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