Pool Hotel Oscar Chueca

Rooftop with Pool at the Oscar Hotel in Chueca

There is no doubt that in the Chueca neighbourhood the gastronomic and leisure offer is wide, but in summer the terraces are a main attraction, not only on the streets but in this case also in a rooftop.

The Room Mate Oscar Hotel has a terrace with panoramic views and a quiet atmosphere, far away from the noise of cars. It also has something that is priceless: the breeze, the breeze that so often we miss in Madrid.

All this, with the pool, the Balinese beds, the green artificial grass, the white furniture and the perfect lighting offer the perfect atmosphere for sunsets and nights in Madrid.

Useful information:

  • Address: Plaza Vázquez de Mella, 12
  • Contact: +34917011173
  • Estimated prices: softdrinks 5€, cocktels 13€

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