BiciMad Alquiler de bicicletas en Madrid

What is it BiciMad?

Madrid has a public bike sharing service that allows renting bikes and it has become an alternative to the other means of public transport in Madrid. Unlike bicycles in other cities, Madrid public bicycles have an electric motor which provides a great help for going up the hill (there are no more excuses in this case!)

The use of bikes in Madrid is not so popular because many people are afraid of using them on the road. This is mainly because drivers are not used to cyclists so it is like a vicious circle. Hopefully this new system of renting bikes will change the situations.

In any case, there are things to keep in mind: it is not allowed to ride on a sidewalk, the cyclists have to use roads or bicycle paths. It is not allowed to use a phone or listen to music with headphones while riding. It is a must to wear reflective clothing at night. Even though using a helmet is not mandatory, but it is recommended.

Renting fares 2020:

  • Fares without annual subscription: The first 30 minutes 2€, the following hour 4€ (without an annual subscription, there is a need to pay with a credit card with deposit, although it doesn’t make any previous transfer).
  • Fares for regular users: Annual subscription: 25€.  Then the first 30 minutes 0,50€, the following 30 minutes 0,60€
  • There are bonuses of 10 cents for leaving a bake in the bike stations which are usually empty or taking the one from the station that is full. As well as as for “reserving the place” where it is going to be parked through the phone or in the station where it is taken from.
  • Maximum 2h, later it charges 4€/an hour.

More information about BiciMad:

The official web of this public service gives a map of bike stations (including information if it is vacant or not), as well as the information about fares. There is also a mobile application.

tarifas bicimad


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