Metro station in Madrid

Public transport in Madrid is easy, cheap and very convenient. The Metro is specially easy for sightseeing in the city center of Madrid, but the commuter train is excellent to get to the airport.

🚆 Madrid Commuter Train

The commuter train in Madrid is called ‘Cercanias’, you can use it to go to historical cities like Alcalá de Henares, Aranjuez, or Escorial.

Atocha Train Station is the main one in the city and it gets you everywhere, al lines have a stop here.

Useful information: Schedule, Fares and Map.

🚇 Madrid Metro

The Madrid subway is one of the best in the world, clean, safe, accessible to everyone due to escalators and elevators in most of the stations, and you can find almost always a metro station very close from where you are.

Useful information: Shedule (The last train is at 1:30am), Fares and Maps.

🚌 Visit Madrid from a Public Bus

Some people likes metro, because it’s a lot easier, but some people prefers the bus, to see the city. If that is your case, have a look at this Map .

Fare: 1.5€

You need to have a 5€ bill or less, they don’t have change for larger bills or credit card. You can also use a ‘metro-bus’ card if you buy them at a Metro Station.

🚲 Madrid by bike

Madrid has a public service for bike rental (BiciMad), prices for not residents are: 2€ for the first hour and 4€ for the next hour. They have an electric motor, for helping with the slopes. More information in this post about Public Bike Sharing.

🚕 Taxi

Taxis in Madrid are white with a diagonal red strip on the front door. Available taxis have a green green light on top. Nowadays there are many taxis in the city (both moving as in the taxi stops) so its immediate to get one whenever we want.

✈️ Madrid Airport Public Transport

To get to/from the airport there are many options, taxi is the easiest of course, but the metro

  • Taxi: Fixed fee, 30€ from the airport to Madrid downtown.
  • Metro: 55min from Sol station to Aeropuerto T4. You’ll need to pay the normal fee + 3€ for the airport supplement.
  • Cercanias (commuter train): It just takes 25min from Sol station to Aeropuerto T4, the frequency is every 20 min. Price: 2.5€ one way. Warning: it only stops at terminal 4, not the rest of the terminals.
  • Express Bus: trips from Atocha (or Cibeles square at nigth time) to the airport. There is one every 15-20min (or 35min during night time). It takes around 40min to get there. Works every day of the year 24h. The fee is 5€ each way.
  • Private transfer: we provide private transfer with a minivan for 100€ (up to 7 people): contact us to book it.

🚉 Train from Madrid to other cities

Spain has a big rail network that connects cities and towns, here you can have a look at a the timetables and fares for the long distance trains.

Some of the most popular trips from Madrid:

  • MADRID-SEGOVIA: It takes 28min by high speed train (AVE), from Atocha Station to Segovia Station. The price is 12.5€ one way.
  • MADRID-TOLEDO: It takes 33min by high speed train (AVE), from Atocha Station to Toledo Station. The fee is 12.5€  one way.
  • MADRID-ARANJUEZ: It takes 45min from Atocha or Sol station. The fee is 3.95€ one way by ‘Cercanias’.
  • MADRID-SEVILLE: It takes 2h 30min by high speed train (AVE), from Atocha Station to  Sevilla-Santa Justa Station. The price is around 85€ one way (discounts if you buy the round-trip ticket).
  • MADRID-BARCELONA: It takes 2-3 hours by high speed train (AVE), from Atocha Station to Barcelona-Sants Station. The price is around 140€ each way (discounts if you buy the round-trip ticket).

💎 Private transport with our tours and Day Trips

If you are also interest in tours in Madrid, or Day trips to other locations near Madrid, have a look at our Private Tours.


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