Parque del Retiro Romántico

In Madrid there are more than three million people, but sometimes we just want to enjoy one of them, either because we are in love or because we want to conquer him/her.

Temple of Debod at sunset

The Temple of Debod is the most romantic place in Madrid . A pond with its reflections, the lighting of an ancient monument, palm trees and panoramic views … A lovely corner that takes us away from the big city views.

Royal Botanic Garden in Spring

Flowers , small fountains , stone benches … Everything is there for romantic inspiration. Its narrow wooded walks isolate us from the world and allow us intimacy in the heart of the city.

Boating in the Retiro

The Retiro Park is full of romantic places, like the rose garden, the waterfall/cave next to the Crystal Palace, the Cecilio Rodriguez Gardens with its peacocks… But if you want to ​plan a romantic date, why not some boating in the lake, pretending to be a pirate, or better, a conqueror?

Terrace of the Circulo de Bellas Artes

Imagine looking at the distance, letting your mind fly, feeling the breeze caressing you… what else could you ask for a romantic encounter? From there you can see all Madrid, so there is a trick to first dates: you can use the excuse and say “the next day I’ll take you there” (while pointing at the Royal Botanical Garden for example!)

Summer Nights in Rio Madrid

Summer in Madrid is to live it at night, and that has its advantages for romance. A walk in the park of Madrid River, stopping on the bridge of Segovia and enjoy beautiful views of the Royal Palace and the cathedral illuminated .

Templo de Debod al atardecer. Foto nocturna con hora azul


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