So, you are coming to Madrid! Great! But you still need to decide the things to do with your limited time, and you have probably heard about the great museums that we have here.

Entrance of the Prado Museum

📅 How many days do you have in Madrid? Just one?

If you only have one day in Madrid my advise is to only go to the Prado Museum if you really are into art. Madrid is a beautiful city with so many things to see, and the Prado Museum would take you at least 2h to visit, and you’ll spend a lot of time rushing from one room to the other looking for the masterpieces, it is a very large museum that deserves some respectful calm.

If you really are into art, I recommend you to prepare the visit long in advance, with a list of the paintings that you want to see, study them at home and then go to the rooms where those paintings are. If you don’t plan the visit you’ll spend all day wondering there, and you’ll enjoy it for sure! but then you won’t get any time to see the rest of the city.

If you have two or more days in Madrid, then go ahead and read the next questions.

 💕 How much do you enjoy art and history?

If you don’t like art or history, not even a little, why bother? I mean, I’m sure you’ll like some of the paintings, but visiting a museum is not compulsory only because it’s in the Top 10 list of the best Museums in the World, according to many sources. I know, it sounds tempting, but you are not going to became and art lover all of a sudden just for visiting one. And culture is also in the streets, in the gastronomy, in the markets,… so do what you really enjoy, you are on vacations! Not in college.

But, if you are slightly interested in art or history, you must know you are here for a surprise: The Prado Museum has an extraordenary collection of Spanish, Flemish, French and Italian artists. Visit the Prado website to know more about its collection.

☔️ How’s the weather like outside?

Well, this is not a very academic argument, but if it is pouring outside, or it is a hot afternoon in August at 40ºC (105ºF), visiting a museum is a good plan B.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Do you get irritable with crowds?

The Prado Museum is extremely popular, it deserves all the love it gets, but it can get very crowded, especially in the high season (from March to October). So, if you are planning to go, be mentally prepared to be surrounded by many people, and if possible, buy your ticket in advance.

🕙 When is the best time to visit the Prado Museum?

Most people visit the museum in the morning, if you can, go in the afternoon, it would be less crowded.

✨ Free access: Monday to Saturday, from 6 PM to 8 PM and Sundays and holidays, from 5 PM to 7 PM. It would be crowded, but you save 15€/person…

If you go in the morning DO NOT go at 10am or earlier, just when it opens, because everybody does, and there are lines, even with your tickets booked, in order to pass security, lockers, etc. So 10:15 or 10:30 is already much better!

🚩 It is always better with a guided tour

If you have readen so far, you have probably decided to go ahead and visit the Prado Museum. Great! I am happy for you!

Then, you should consider a tour with an expert guide, that can help you unrevealed some of the hidden secrets of the most amazing artworks, not only the masterpieces that everybody looks, but some other interesting gems as well.

Do you want to join me?