Puerta de entrada a la Quinta de los Molinos, desde la calle Alcalá de Madrid

This fantastic park dating back to the beginning of the twentieth century is considered a Historic Park by the Community of Madrid, has an area of 25 hectares, and within it can be found pine and olive groves, some eucalyptus trees, but without doubt the stars are the almond trees when they are in bloom.

The southern part, which can be reached from calle Alcalá (metro station Suances), is the most agricultural part, in which the patches of different species of almond trees are bordered by conifers and dense plantlife, while small paths go round the eye-catching plantations. In the north part you can see the palace, a pond, mills and landscape gardens.

Almendro floreciendo en la Quinta de los Molinos

Almond tree spouting its first buds

Almendro al contraluz en la Quinta de los Molinos

One of the patches of almond trees, nearby the south entrance.

Paseo de almendros en la Quinta de los Molinos

A number of paths zig and zag between the almond trees, to the pleasure of the passers-by.

Olivos en la Quinta de los Molinos

Olive trees also play an important part of the agricultural part of the plantation.

Mimosas en floración dentro de la Quinta de los Molinos de Madrid

Some mimosas surround the almond trees, creating a colorful spectacle

Pinar con almendros de la Quinta de los Molinos de Madrid

The pine trees are there to give shade and protection to the almond trees.

Flores de Almendro en la Quinta de los Molinos

In bloom, beauty rules in the park, to the delight of photographers.

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