"Edificio España and the quijote sculpture in Plaza de España"

 The monument to Cervantes was created to commemorate the 300 anniversary of the publication of the second part of “El Quijote” (1615-1915).

"Representation of the Spanish literature, depict by a woman dressing in the fashion of the 16th century, the Spanish Golden Age"

 In the image above we can see the representation of Spanish Literature in the form of a woman dressed in the style of the Golden Age.

Cervantes is represented behind Quijote and Sancho, sitting and holding a book.

Quixote and Sancho represent the antithesis of the characters, idealism versus realism.

On both sides of the monument there are representations of two other important works of Cervantes: “Rinconete y Cortadillo” and “La Gitanilla”.

On top of the monument there is another sculpture, depicting fame. The five continents are represented by five women. On the front side there is Europe, with a helmet, teaching the book of Don Quixote to America.

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