Squid calamari sandwiches Plaza Mayor

Why is it typical to have squid sandwiches in Madrid?And more specifically in the Plaza Mayor? The sea is far from us, and so are the calamari, but in Madrid we eat a lot of fish and seafood. And we know it’s a good tradition to keep!

Any time of year is good, in the summer nights you can have your calamari sandwich to take away andenjoy the night live in the Plaza Mayor, a real treat for 2.7. In winter, during the Christmas market, to have one of those delicious squid sandwiches is almost mandatory!

Where to get the best Calamari Sandwich?

There are dozens of bars around the Plaza Mayor where you can get calamari sandwiches, but my favorites are those of “La Campana” (Botoneras street 6).

Calamari sandwich bar in Plaza Mayor


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