Segovia and Avila private tour from Madrid

You can visit both Segovia and Avila in one day. They are UNESCO world heritage, two historical sites that symbolizes the importance of central Spain in the middle ages.

SEGOVIA would impress you from the very first moment, as the view of the Roman Aqueduct is unique, with 2000 years of history. The castle was a Royal Palace of the Catholic Monarchs among other kings, with a stunning landscape around it.

AVILA is an icon of the European fortifications, the walls that surrounds the old town are strong and magnificent. The Cathedral is very different from everything you’ll see in Spain, is one of the oldest, in Romanesque style.

Segovia Alcazar

Segovia and Avila in one day: Day trip from Madrid

It’s a 9h full day tour. Approximate itinerary:

  • 1h15 trip to Segovia from your hotel
  • 3h guided tour in Segovia
  • 1h lunch break
  • 1h trip to Avila
  • 1h 30min guided tour in Avila
  • 1h 15min trip back to your hotel.

Prices, total per group:

  • Group of 1 person: 728€ (by car)
  • Group of 2 people: 738€ (by car)
  • Group of 3 people: 748€ (by car)
  • Group of 4 people: 758€ (by minivan)
  • Group of 5 people: 768€ (by minivan)
  • Group of 6 people: 778€ (by minivan)
  • Group of 7 people: 880€ (by private bus)
  • Each additional person 10€ (up to 29, transport by private bus))


  • Professional tour guide
  • Transportation: profesional driver, pick up and drop of at your hotel in Madrid.
  • Entrances: Segovia Alcazar, Segovia Cathedral and Avila Cathedral

Other options for tours and day trips

  • If you prefer you can visit only Segovia.
  • Or you can combine Segovia + Escorial
  • Completely flexible! Tell us what you want and we’ll give you a quotation (


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